GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entitles you to be informed about the processing of personal data we request from you, hold on you, use or need to share with third parties. If you have approached us, uploaded your CV to our website, emailed your CV or we have found your CV on a job board website we will presume that you are giving us consent to hold your details and that you want to utilise our services for work finding services. If we find your details on a job board, we will obtain your consent to hold your details if we do not hear from you, we will professionally shred your CV including data within 30 days.

You are giving us consent to use your information for job seeking purposes.


Please contact sonia.strawinski@2bmrecruitment.comif you have any queries, would like to withdraw your consent or CV with personal data, complaint or would like the information that we hold on you. We will not charge you for this service unless it is deemed repetitive and or unreasonable. You must send any of therse requests to us in writing.


The reasons we hold your information are as follows;

- CV with personal information necessary for the placing of an employment candidate, including submitting your CV to potential Employers.


- We are legally obliged to hold your data for a maximum of 24 months if we place you to a job with one of our clients or not. If we don’t place you within a job we will remove your details in a timely manner.


- We will gain your consent to send your personal details such as telephone number, address, email, qualifications, and reference details to our client when a job offer has been made to you.


- 2BM Recruitment Ltd will only retain information relevant to job searching purposes and to comply with current legislation.


- We are legally bound to carry out checks to ensure that you are entitled to live and work in the UK. We may require HMRC information or Immigration information to confirm the right to employment in the UK.


- Should we discover that you are a risk to health and safety to a potential employer we have your consent to pass this information on. We will only share your information with potential employers, HMRC and authorities.


-You can update your data with us at anytime to ensure that our records are accurate and a true representation.

- We will only keep or obtain information on you from your previous employers, Our application form, HMRC, CV, or any other appropriate body such as DBS (The Disclosure and Barring Service)